My Company Odoo Version 13.0-20210119

Information about the My Company instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Boolean Widget
Feature: - Online widget for list view and form view, in case it is boolean field How to use: - Adding widget="online" attribute for your boolean field on view Ex:
Enterprise website builder
Centralize employee information
ClickaCRM Access List
ClickaCRM IP Access List Module
ClickaCRM Accounts
ClickaCRM Accounts Module
ClickaCRM APIs
ClickaCRM apis Module
ClickaCRM Brands
ClickaCRM Brand Module
ClickaCRM Communication
ClickaCRM Communication Module
ClickaCRM Customer
ClickaCRM Customer Module
ClickaCRM FX Marketing
ClickaCRM Marketing FX Module
ClickaCRM HR
ClickaCRM HR
ClickaCRM Leads
ClickaCRM Leads Module
ClickaCRM Main PSP
ClickaCRM Main PSP
ClickaCRM Marketing
ClickaCRM Marketing Module
ClickaCRM marketing master APIs
ClickaCRM marketing master apis Module
ClickaCRM MT5
ClickaCRM MT5 Module
ClickaCRM Reports
ClickaCRM Report Module
ClickaCRM Transactions
ClickaCRM Transactions Module
Currency switch Widget
Currency switch Widget
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Security User Roles
The tool to combine users in roles and to simplify security group assigning
Live Chat
Chat with your website visitors